Our Events

The Hemingway Village Civic Association has regular meetings ......
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Hemingway Village regularly organizes a neighborhood wide garage sale event. This is an awesome time to get rid of that stuff that's been building up over the year. The Civic Association will put out advertisements and maps for the event to help the buyers. We usually have a Hemingway Village-only portion on Friday and then open it up to the public for the weekend.
Info on the annual easter egg hunt
Info on Block Party (more info here)

Great Neighborhood

Hemingway Village was originally started in 19XX and consists of 5 phases of development.  We have had an active neighborhood association from the beginning and continue to (more stuff here).

Close to Events

Our neighborhood is within easy walking distance to the Dublin Community Recreation Center as well as several parks and Coffman High School.

Consistent Schools

Even though we have a rather large neighborhood with over 400 homes, all of the kids go to either Scottish Corners Elementary, Karrer Middle School or Coffman High School.  It's important to us that the children of the neighborhood all go to the same schools and we have worked with the Dublin School Board over the years to ensure that is the case.  

Variety is Key

Hemingway Village has many different styles of homes with varying price ranges.  Our neighborhood (more things here on inclusion)

Community Feeling

Luminaires, float, easter egg hunt, garage sale, block parties, etc.