Carl Forbush
Carl, his wife Jennifer and their two boys have lived in Hemingway Village since December 2003. Carl volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer in 2013 and moved up to President in 2014. He is on his 2nd term as President of the Association.
Carey Miller
Vice President
Carey along with her husband and two children have been living in Hemingway Village since 2010. Carey was recruited not to long after moving in to take over as the Phase Coordinator for one of our largest groups of families. As the Association made a move to get reestablished she was again recruited to step into the Vice Presidents role.

Amanda Smith
Amanda has only been a resident in Hemingway since 2014. She was quick to step up and lend a hand when we lost our Treasurer soon after elections last year. She was appointed to the position by the President and has since been voted to her second term.

Emily Rompage
Emily has been a resident of Hemingway since 2014. Emily also got involved quickly last year, being selected by the President to fill another vacant position as an officer for the Association. She has just been elected to her second term in 2015.
Organize Block Captains
Phase Coordinators
Phase 1 - Carey Miller </p> Phase 2 - Susan Nofzinger</p> Phase 3 - Chris Kollin </p> Phase 4 - Amy Gatto-Klein</p> Phase 5 - Barbara Nelson</p>

Block Captains:

1A - Cassy Taylor

1B – Mark Borders

1C – Ron Whaley

1D – Kris Seitz

1E – David Lender

1F – empty

1G – Julie Kayser

1H – empty

1I – Emily Rompage 

2A – Ryan Walker

2B – Carl Forbush

2C – Jeff Bailey

2D – Charles Murphy

2E – Doyle Clear

2F – Bruce Eberhard

3A – Peter Monahan

3B – John Maximovich

3C – Andrea Niewieski

3D – Rick Weininger

4A – Kathy Dougherty

4B – Rick Santho

4C – Jeff Kieffer

4D – Tony Collins

4E – Jeffrey Plotts

4F – Ronald Marietta

4G – Ralph Neiman

4H – Carmen Murico

4I – Lawrence Bailey

5A – Lorilee Laber

5B – Sue Mc Carty

5C – Barb Nelson

5D – Sam McAdow

5E - empty

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