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Welcome to Hemingway Village on the Web

Hemingway Village is a collection of 418 homes within the city of Dublin, Ohio. The neighborhood was established on November 17, 1978 and is made up of five phases of development. We are surrounded by significant landmarks in Dublin such as; Coffman Park & The Dublin Recreation Center, Dublin Coffman High School and the Outdoor Pool. Our youngest children are zoned to attend Scottish Corners Elementary School, our middle-school aged children attend Karrer Middle School, and our high-school aged children attend Dublin Coffman High School.

We have an annual community garage sale, Fourth of July Float, and celebrate Christmas Eve with over 4400 luminaires lining the streets of Hemingway. This is a family-friendly neighborhood, within walking distance of most of the wonderful services that Dublin provides.

This web site is primarily intended for the residents of Hemingway Village. It was built for the community and is maintained by the Hemingway Village Civic Association.

"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. "

--- Ernest Hemingway

If you are a new Hemingway Village resident, please click HERE for the New Neighbor Flyer!

You can also click HERE for the Resident Information Sheet so we can keep our Hemingway Village Directory up to date.



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Dublin News

·2014 Business Tax Forms
·Oakland Nursery Home wall sign
·Utility upgrades include underground lines
·It’s Happening In Dublin – January 28, 2015
·Dublin Firehouse Building
·Training Session – Community Plan
·2015 Pond Maintenance
·Current Volunteer Needs and Ongoing Programs
·Sledding and Ice-Skating in Dublin Parks
·Greenest, Grandest St. Patrick’s Day Parade


  Hemingway Village Civic Association Membership Dues Drive

Hemingway Village Civic Association is currently in the middle of our Annual Dues collection drive. Hopefully everyone has received their Dues reminder in the mail recently. Your Civic Association officers decided that this year we would send reminders to each household. We currently still have had less than 30% of our households that have paid their dues. Last year we had 180 of our 415 households pay dues. Please consider helping us exceed our record of 255 households set in 2008.

 Just as important is our goal to get accurate email addresses for all of our households. We felt that it was necessary to send out our notices by mail this year due to the fact that we have only 266 household email addresses for our neighborhood. On the notices that were sent out we noted on the letter if we were in need of an email address for your household. The checks and Paypal collections are starting to come in but we are still not getting email addresses from everyone. If you have never received an email from the Association please take the time to send us an update to hemingwayvillage1@gmail.com

  Posted by president on Monday, July 07 @ 21:20:52 EDT (1907 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Hemingway Village July 4th Parade Float

Hemingway Village Civic Association presents Frozen

If anyone had the opportunity to be a spectator at the parade last week, I think they had the chance to see a terrific float presented by your HVCA. The participation this year was very good with many new faces and hands being involved. It is a bit disappointing to not have won a prize this year but we knew it was going to be difficult going in. During the planning meeting it was decided that we would rather make a float that was fun and entertaining rather than be restricted by the "theme" of the parade. One of our neighborhood youths suggested the Frozen movie as a theme. We all figured after the winter we had just gone through, that this would be more than appropriate. The float idea grew, and the fun began. We could tell by the reaction of all the kids and even the parents on the route that our float was a major hit with the crowd.

I want to express my appreciation to all the residents that lent a hand and all the kids that joined us on the float and helped make it what it was. We will be looking forward to getting even more residents involved next year.
  Posted by president on Monday, July 07 @ 20:53:56 EDT (907 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Civic Association HVCA Officer changes

Hemingway Village Civic Association wants to announce that there has been a couple of changes in the Officers of the Association. The board of officers has been asked by our new Treasurer, Colleen Walsh and Secretary Laura Baker to find replacements for them. I am pleased to announce that Amanda Smith has offered to take on the Treasurer's position and Emily Rompage has graciously offered to take on the Secretary's role. The Constitution allows the President to appoint a replacement and he has accepted Amanda and Emily's offers to join our group and help lead us to a new and improved Civic Association.

Carl Forbush
President HVCA
  Posted by president on Friday, May 16 @ 23:13:57 EDT (520 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Civic Association Easter Egg Hunt

HVAC held their Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday April 20th, in Stonefield Park. We had around 20 children from 13 families participate. The weather was terrific and the children had a great time searching the park from top to bottom. There were 8 special eggs that were hidden that awarded a special prize. A good time was had by all.

A special thanks goes out to the Gehle kids, Grace, Tucker and Jane, who came out early and helped the Easter Bunny hide over 200 eggs.
  Posted by treasurer on Sunday, April 20 @ 13:14:22 EDT (740 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Civic Association Annual Homeowner Dues

As Spring tries desperately to make an appearance, it is time to remind everyone that the HVCA dues for 2014 are currently due. Our fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31.There are many ways to pay your dues, 1. mail a check to the President, Carl Forbush, @ 5500 Classics Ct. or Treasurer, Amanda Smith @ 5389 Adventure Dr. 2. Call Carl or Amanda and they will be glad to stop by and pick up a check (cash), 3, Give a check to your block captain , or 4. Use Paypal.

 Dues are still only $20.00.
  Posted by treasurer on Saturday, April 19 @ 11:03:27 EDT (921 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Civic Association 2014 Annual Membership Meeting

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2014 Annual Membership Meeting - April 15, 2014

Carl Forbush, Treasurer of HVCA called the meeting to order at 7:00pm on April 15, 2014. Attendance surpassed the minimum requirement of 8 members, which allowed the proceedings to be official and all issues where voting would take place would be binding. There were 41 members in attendance.

The reading of minutes of the last meeting were waived as the only meeting held last year was the Spring meeting to elect officers and a year had passed.

The financial record was read. The starting balance from the period last year that records could be accessed was $763.25. Expenses for the fiscal year were $1607.73, income was $4246.71, with a net income of $2638.98, leaving us a balance of $3402.23 heading into the new fiscal year. The largest expenditure for the year was the purchase of candles and supplies for the Christmas Luminaries. the expense of the repair of the electricity at the Adventure Dr entrance estimated at $2500 was covered by the City of Dublin. We will be working with the City of Dublin to get the fence along Cofman repaired and painted when the second of the new houses are completed, late Spring, early Summer. We do not know yet what expenses if any will be incurred.

There were no reports from Committees.

Carl informed the members that he has completed and received the recertification of the Association with the State of Ohio for tax exemption status. He also filed himself as the person of notification for the Association with the State. All previous filings had expired (without notice) in the summer of 2013.

Moving on to new business, the call for election of new officers moved forward. There was no nominations submitted to the Officers before the meeting, so nominations from the floor were called. Carey Miller nominated Carl Forbush for President, the motion was seconded and the vote to the members on hand was passed. Carl Forbush nominated Carey Miller for Vice President, it was seconded, the members vote was passed. Being elected President, Carl Forbush nominated Colleen Walsh to replace him as Treasurer, the motion was seconded, and the vote of members was approved. Lastly Carl told the group that Laura Baker had offered to stay on as Secretary and he nominated her to retain the position, it was seconded and approved by the vote of the members.

Carl brought up the issue of the Association constitution that designated Trustees to actually run the Association. Doing research on the Trustee position it was found that the positions had not been filled for more than 12 years. Carl presented a rewritten Constitution that removed the Trustee positions and replaced them with the Officers. It was noted that it has been difficult to get members to step forward and volunteer for the four Officers positions, and we could not fill the 6 Trustee positions. It was opened to the floor for comments on the changes. There were two objections to the changes. Dialogue continued on the necessity of change, with a request that past Presidents fill these positions. Past President John Livorno expressed the same issues of not being able to fill the positions and that most past Presidents are not ready to do more when they step down. It was brought up that we could again make the changes to bring back Trustees if the activity level of the organization increased and it was deemed necessary. Carl explained that the main reason for the changes was to make the Constitution match the way the organization has been functioning for the past years. It was put to vote and passed with over the 2/3 majority needed for passage. The new Constitution will be placed on the website in the place of the old one.

Carl brought forward the committees that he would like to see formed, Landscape (Jim Weirtz), Social (still open), Community Representative (Ron Whaley), and Volunteer coordinator (still open), Web site (Steve Stidhem),  and Newsletter Editor. It was also mentioned that we need a Phase Coordinator for Phase 3 (Ernest Way, Great Novel Ct, Literary Lane, Pilar Ct, Adventure 5633-5704, and Tara Hill 5567-5687)  Social functions to consider for the upcoming year:

1. Easter egg hunt at Stonefield Park, Carl will get with Steve Stidhem and will make sure it happens ( he was reminded it was this Sunday)

2. We have supplied our name with Sunny 95 to hold a sponsored block party in Stonefield Park

3. Neighborhood Block parties are encouraged and with be supported by the Association

4. Neighborhood Garage sale. to be announced will be headed by Kris Seitz with assistance.

5. Christmas Luminaries will continue.

6. Independence Day float (John Livorno) Theme is "Shining Stars and Stripes"


Dues for 2013 were at $20 and with the financial health of the Association being good now, Carl recommended not raising the dues and maintaining them at $20. All in attendance agreed. We will continue to offer the payment of dues through the web site and Paypal. The minimal cost associated with Paypal is acceptable for the convenience of the members.

Mr. Weininger thanked Carl for taking the initiative to help re-establish the HVCA and all in attendance agreed.

The call to adjourn the meeting was presented at 7:55pm and approved.

Folks in attendance stayed to introduce themselves, talk and volunteer to help in numerous ways from block captains, to garage sales, Facebook improvements and more. It was a fantastic start new an all new and improved Civic Association!


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  Posted by treasurer on Thursday, April 17 @ 08:07:42 EDT (1102 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Civic Association Amended Constitution for Hemingway Village Civic Association

Carl Forbush has taken the time to create an amended constitution for the Hemingway Village Civic Association.  He is specifically removing the need for a Trustee and Board.  The constitution was approved at the Annual Membership meeting on April 15th. The New Constitution has been posted and can be reached through the Hemingway info link. If there are any questions in regards to the changes you can reach out to Carl @ hemingwayvillage1@gmail.com. 

Steve Stidhem
  Posted by admin on Thursday, April 03 @ 23:42:45 EDT (1709 reads)
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  Hemingway Village Why aren't We Paying Our Dues?

swolz writes "Hello neighbors!  

Karl and I moved in last summer with our son Jon and we're very happy to be so close to his high school, the community center and fireworks in July!!! 

We apologize for not having an "open house" to meet/greet everyone but we've been knocking down walls, building up sunken floors and renovating like CRAZY!!!! We're still not done but when you do it yourself..it just goes slower...

We assumed our dues had been payed from the previous owner since we moved in half way through the year last year but that is not the case. 

We're late for paying this year but, I just paid online and it is so EASY.  If you don't want to go through Paypal..there is an option to just click "pay as guest" with a credit card and it will go through too.  

22% paid is a very sad statistic for our wonderful gem of a neighborhood.

Money is tight for all of us but please show some pride and bring those "PAID" statistics up... better late than never!

And stop by and visit us sometime when you get the chance.

Sue and Karl Wolz

  Posted by admin on Monday, August 27 @ 17:38:41 EDT (781 reads)
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  Dublin Dublin Social Host Law information

I got an email from Dublin's new Public Information Officer -- Megan Canavan -- concerning underage drinking.  Please contact her directly with any questions at mcanavan@dublin.oh.us.

Just a few facts about Social Host:
  • The Social Host Law applies to any person who furnishes alcohol to persons under 21.
  • Dublin Police may charge and the City may prosecute adults who “negligently” allow the possession or consumption of alcohol by underage people on their premises. Under the Dublin Code, a person acts “negligently” if because of a “substantial lapse from due care” a person “fails to perceive or avoid a risk that his conduct may cause a certain result or may be of a certain nature.”
  • The law still applies to places outside of your home including rented hotel rooms, banquet facilities, etc.
  • You are still liable for your child and underage consumption, even if the minor consumes alcohol in your home when you are not present or unknowingly.
  • Suppose an adult is upstairs in the bedroom while underage possession or consumption of alcohol is taking place downstairs. If Dublin Police are called to investigate, that adult can be charged with violating the law even if they claim they did not know criminal activity was taking place. This would be an example of negligence.
What should I do if my son/daughter’s underage friends bring alcohol into my home and start drinking?
  • Call the parents of the underage friend(s) in question
  • Call the police
We encourage anyone with information about a crime or a party where underage drinking is occurring to call our 24-hour Anonymous Tip Line at (614) 889-2618 or leave a tip online by visiting the website http://dublin.oh.us/police/crime/tip.
The Social Host PSA can be viewed at http://dublinohiocares.me/social-host.
Thank you and have a wonderful and safe holiday season,
  Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 21 @ 10:11:14 EST (1123 reads)
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  Hemingway Web Site Add Content to our Neighborhood Web Site

sstidhem writes "I wanted to let everyone know that our neighborhood web site is a shared resource for all of us.  Anyone can add content to the site.  

To submit a news story, go to the Submit News link on the left menu or go to http://www.hemingwayvillage.org/modules.php?name=Submit_News.

To add an entry to the Forums, you can go to the Forums from the menu on the left or go directly to http://www.hemingwayvillage.org/modules.php?name=Forums.  From there you pick a forum and you can add a new topic into that forum.  All new forum entries will show up on the front page of the web site.

To add Events to the Neighborhood Calendar, you can go to the Calendar of Events link on the left menu or you can go directly to http://www.hemingwayvillage.org/modules.php?name=Kalender&file=submit.

To add pictures, you can go to the Photo Gallery from the (you guessed it) menu on the left side of the home page or go directly to http://www.hemingwayvillage.org/modules.php?name=gallery2.  From there you can add a new album or add a sub-album into the albums that are currently there.

One thing is that you will have to be logged on to the site in order to add any items.  If you can't remember your password or user ID, feel free to let me know and I'll reset it for you.  If you are having problems creating a user ID, let me know that too.  I can create it manually.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Give it a shot!

  Posted by admin on Friday, November 12 @ 14:25:00 EST (1379 reads)
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  Pay Your 2014 Dues Online - $20

HVCA Annual Dues Payment
Have I Paid My Dues? Click the $20 Bill to find out. My Dues Information
52.2% of the Residents have paid their 2014 dues

To pay your dues through the mail, write a check for $20 made out to Hemingway Village Civic Association and send it to Carl Forbush at 5500 Classics Court.

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